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    Enquiries and orders updates!
    Enquiries and orders updates!Enquiries and orders updates!
    The most popular products:
    Special offerUAP-AC-PRO
    KSh 15,196.51 net
    KSh 13,374.76 net
    KSh 15,514.72 gross
    Special offerUAP-AC-PRO-5
    KSh 71,291.01 net
    KSh 61,866.47 net
    KSh 71,765.11 gross
    Special offerUAP-AC-LR
    KSh 11,116.91 net
    KSh 9,609.93 net
    KSh 11,147.52 gross
    Special offerUS-24-250W
    KSh 40,694.01 net
    KSh 38,097.15 net
    KSh 44,192.69 gross
    KSh 52,619.45 net
    KSh 61,038.56 gross
    KSh 103,229.87 net
    KSh 119,746.65 gross
    KSh 52,192.10 net
    KSh 60,542.84 gross
    KSh 48,614.94 net
    KSh 56,393.33 gross
    Special offerWS-C2960X-24PS-L
    KSh 342,150.95 net
    KSh 102,909.91 net
    KSh 119,375.50 gross
    Special offerWS-C2960X-48LPS-L
    KSh 599,165.75 net
    KSh 212,435.98 net
    KSh 246,425.74 gross
    Special offerAIR-AP2802E-E-K9
    KSh 162,674.05 net
    KSh 53,024.20 net
    KSh 61,508.07 gross
    Special offerSPA112
    KSh 7,037.31 net
    KSh 3,752.40 net
    KSh 4,352.78 gross
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    Special offerCCR1072-1G-8S+
    KSh 311,069.50 net
    KSh 251,194.53 net
    KSh 291,385.65 gross
    Special offerCCR1009-7G-1C-1S+
    KSh 50,485.05 net
    KSh 39,972.79 net
    KSh 46,368.44 gross
    Special offerRB3011UiAS-RM
    KSh 18,256.21 net
    KSh 14,351.58 net
    KSh 16,647.83 gross
    Special offerRB951G-2HnD
    KSh 8,154.10 net
    KSh 6,417.17 net
    KSh 7,443.92 gross
    KSh 11,425.64 net
    KSh 13,253.74 gross
    Special offerT5D-03183
    KSh 24,307.47 net
    KSh 21,028.79 net
    KSh 24,393.40 gross
    KSh 12,436.38 net
    KSh 14,426.20 gross
    KSh 27,020.86 net
    KSh 31,344.20 gross
    KSh 73,060.34 net
    KSh 84,749.99 gross
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